How to Configure IP Address with PowerShell?

Configure IP Address with PowerShell follow steps below: 1.To change ip address we need to use the “New-NetIPAddress” command New-NetIPAddress -Ethernet -IPAddress -PrefixLength 24 -DefaultGateway 2. To set DNS ip address we need to use the “Set-DNSClientServerAddress“ command: Set-DnsClientServerAddress -Ethernet  -ServerAddresses 3. To look at… Read More

Domain Password Policies

By default in  Active Directory, the Default Domain Policy establishes the domain password policy for all users configured and stored in Active Directory. It is looks like below: (Start Menu → Administrative Tools → Group Policy Management and Right-click Default Domain Policy and select Edit.… Read More

Performing an offline domain join

You can complete the following steps to perform an offline domain join : On the Windows Server, open CMD as administrator and  run next command: djoin /provision /domain “” /machine “win7-comp″ /savefile Win7.txt” After  command completes successfully you will see win7-comp computer on AD computer container. 2.… Read More