Enable Wireless in Windows Server 2012 and 2016

Enable Wireless in Windows Server 2012 and 2016 follow steps below:

1. First we need to know “Wireless LAN Service” enabled or not  .  For that open powershell and run the command below(like as picture):

Get-WindowsFeature  “Wireless LAN Service”


2. As we see service not enabled so type the next command and press enter to enable wireless service:

Install-WindowsFeature -Name Wireless-Networking



3. After that as we see  system need to be restart. Type “Restart-Computer” command to restart the server or restart  usually from GUI.

4. when server up we need to  enable Wireless Service from Local Services. You can enable wireless service with powershell  with next command:

net start WlanSvc


5. So after service started we can connect the Windows server 2016 to internet via wireless network.