Recover computer using Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR) disk on Symantec Backup Exec 15

Today we will look at Recover computer using Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR) disk. I have antivirus server and that server have a problem with OS. I will recover that computer.

Antivirus server has been backed up and the custom SDR CD has been created and burned to disk( you can look at our other article about how to create Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR) disk ).

The next step is to Boot the server that is being recovered from the custom CD that was created:


The first interactive screen that comes up is the License Agreement Screen, Accept that :


When the services are done loading the following screen will come up. Click on the “Recover This Computer” link.


Then you need to select where is computers backup data located, in this case we will look at first option:

4drsrestore1 5drsrestore1

Enter the Backup Exec server where the files are backed up to, the server name, domain, User name and Password:


Then Click Configure network adapter setting  to configure IP address if needed and click OK and then click Next:


Select the server and the point-in-time to be recovered and click next:


Click next :


This screen you can see volume sizes, you can load storage driver and modify disk configuration, then click next:

10drsrestore1 11drsrestore1 12drsrestore1

The Recovery Summary shows the server that will be recovered as well as the credentials used, the drives and System State that will be recovered, When the Recover button is pressed the recovery begins:

13drsrestore1 14drsrestore1 15drsrestore1

In this windows you need to enter Database encryption key or you can enter that key after restart your computer:


You get Database encryption key follow next to images below:

16badrsrestore1 16cdrsrestore1

After you can browse your Database encryption key and click next:

17aadrsrestore1 18drsrestore1

And Finally click checkbox and then click Finish:


Once computer restarted you can log in your computer. As you see my antivirus server has been successfully recovered: