Importing existing groups and computers from an Active Directory or an LDAP server on Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.6

Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP servers use organizational units to manage accounts for computers and users. You can import an organizational unit and its account data into Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager, and manage the account data in the management console. You must first connect Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager to your company’s directory server before you can import the organizational units that contain computer accounts or user accounts. You cannot modify the accounts in organizational units in the management server, only in the directory server. However, you can synchronize the account data between an Active Directory server and the management server. Any changes you make in the Active Directory server are automatically updated in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager. Any changes that you make on the Active Directory server do not appear immediately in the organizational unit that was imported into the management server. The latency period depends on the synchronization frequency.

Connecting Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager to a directory server follow steps below:

  1. Firstly we will create new group. so enter to Clients and then right click on My Company and click Add a group :


2. Type Group name and click ok:


As you see group created:


3. Now In the console, click Admin > Servers Under Servers and Local Site, select the management server(SYMEP) and click k Edit the server properties:


4. Go to Directory Servers tab and click Add , In the Add Directory Server dialog box, type a name for the directory server and select Active Directory and then  type the IP address, username and password, Click OK:


5. As you see Directory server added. On the Directory Servers tab, check Synchronize with Directory Servers and under Schedule, set up the synchronization schedule as you want and click OK:


6.Now we can import organizational units from a directory server, select group(My Company->Servers) which you want to import OU and click Import Organizational Unit or Container,In the Domain drop-down list, choose the directory server name you created and then select OU which you want to import and click OK:


As you see Computer OU imported to Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Console: