Configuring Windows File Servers on Symantec Data Insight 4.5

Today we will look at Configuring Windows File Servers on Symantec Data Insight 4.5.

Symantec Data Insight requires an agent to be installed on a Windows File Server machine if you want to monitor access events on the file server.

So I create tekbloqshare folder on SYMEP.tekbloq.local server and and shared that folder.

To install the Windows File Server agent manually locate the agent installer file and unzip it and Double-click the agent installer (Symantec_DataInsight_windows_winnas_4_5_X_arch.exe) to launch it.

The Welcome to the Symantec Data Insight Setup Wizard window appears. Click Next:


In the License Agreement window, select I accept the agreement, and click Next.


Select Destination Directory and click Next:


Configure Data Directory and click Next:


Type your Worker node address and click next:


Configure Networking window, enter the Communication Service Port and Configuration Service port and click Next:


Select checkbox if you want below and click Next:


Click Begin Install to start install agent :

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To register the worker node with the Management Server after you exit setup, select the Launch Worker Node Registration Wizard on exit checkbox, Click Finish.


You must register the worker node and the portal node with the Management Server to enable communication between them.

In the Register Worker Node with Management Server window, enter the Management Server address and Communication Service keystore file(The keystore file, commd.keystore, enables secure communication between worker nodes and the Management Server. It is present in the keys subfolder of the Management Server’s data directory. You must manually copy the keystore file from the Management Server machine to a temporary location on the worker node. By default the data directory is located on the Management Server at C:\DataInsight\data. It might be different for your setup. You can locate the data directory by reading the file C:\Program Files\Symantec\DataInsight\datadir.conf on the Management Server or by running the configb -d command.) and click Register Now:


After the successful registration of the worker node, delete the commd.keystore file from the temporary location:


On the Start Data Insight Services window, select Start Data Insight Services now:


On the screen, click Finish or you can check the checkbox for configure Windows File server after exit:


Choose you Collector and Indexer Node(it is our management server which we installed) , and check the checkbox for discover and adding share to management server. It will be add our tekbloqshare folder immediately.

Click Configure Now:


Click OK to complete this process:


Click Finish:


After that Log in to Data Insight Management server to look at you Windows File server under the Setting -> Filters :

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On the Monitoring Shares tab you can manage your shares(Add new, Edit, Delete or Scan and etc.):


On the Setting -> Scanning page you can Scan your shares or to look your scan state:




On the Setting -> Data Insight Servers page you can look your all server: Management(SYM) and Windows File (SYMEP) servers. Select action section you can manage those servers:

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On the Workspace  menu you can look at Shares(Tekbloqshare) and user permission  which you assigned to them:


The next article we will look at Configuring Custodians on Symantec Data Insight 4.5