Configuring custodians on Symantec Data Insight 4.5

Today we will look at Configuring custodians on Symantec Data Insight 4.5.

A Data Insight user assigned server administrator role can designate one or more persons as the custodian of a data location. The assigned custodian does not require access to files or folders.

Data Insight uses information about custodians to infer persons responsible for remediation and to determine report recipients. Tagging data repositories with custodians also provides you an explicit point-of-contact for data ownership queries. A custodian is a user who has a record within Active Directory, NIS, NIS+ or LDAP. A group cannot be assigned as a custodian. The custodian tags are assigned at the parent level and are automatically inherited by all subfolders and files. Custodian tags are only assigned at filer, share, or folder level for CIFS and NFS file systems and Web application, site collection, or folder level for SharePoint. You cannot directly assign a custodian to files. In addition to physical paths, custodians can also be assigned on DFS paths.

You can assign one or more custodians for a given data location. On the Workspace tab, navigate to the entity for which you want to assign a
custodian. To assign a specific user as a custodian for the path, click the Settings icon and, from the drop-down list select Add Custodian > Select User.


Select User which you want to Add and click OK:


As you see User added to Custodians list:


The Custodian tab of a user provides you with a single interface to the following information:

  • View all the custodian locations assigned to the custodian.
  • Assign new locations to the custodian. Viewing access information for users and user groups 47 Viewing the overview of a group Symantec Proprietary and Confidential
  • View the filtered list of the parent data locations under which the user has custodian assignments.
  • Remove data locations assigned to the user.

To assign a custodian on the Workspace > Users tab, navigate to the user that you want to assign a custodian on a data location. Click the Custodian tab and Select shared folder path and click the Custodian icon and select Assign Location.


Select Folder which you want to assign click OK:


Click OK on information windows:


Click View all assignments on right-top window to see all  locations:


You can assign an active user as a custodian for a path from the User Activity page. So Click the Folders tab and navigate to the path for which you want to assign a custodian. Click User Activity and click Summary or Active Users tab, right-click the user you want to assign as a custodian and select Add as Custodian.


Click OK on information windows:


You can also assign custodian from the Permissions tab, So Click the Folders tab and navigate to the path for which you want to assign a custodian. Click Permissions tab. and Right-click a user from the list displayed on the page, and select Add as Custodian.


Click OK on information windows:


You can use the Custodian Manager to easily assign multiple custodians using only a few steps. You can bulk-assign custodians by using  CSV file that contains the information about the paths and their respective custodians for to assign custodians on paths.

For Assigning custodians in bulk using a CSV file we need to prepare a .csv file and import that file. So On the Data Insight Management Console, navigate to Settings > Global Settings > Custodian Manager and click Choose file:


Select CSV file from the list and click Open:


Click Assign :


Click OK on information windows:


I want to inform that on CSV file have information below:

  • Paths for which a custodian is to be assigned.
  • Custodian to be assigned to that path.


After that we can see that Custodian (Asim user) user to be assigned to that path:


The Next article we will look at Uninstalling Symantec Data Insight 4.5