Add a Forward Lookup Zone on a DNS Server – Windows Server 2008 R2

Forward lookup zones support the primary function of Domain Name System (DNS), that is, the resolution of host names to IP addresses.

When you create a forward lookup zone, you must designate the zone as a primary, secondary, or stub zone:

  • A primary zone is a zone that is maintained on this server.
  • A secondary zone is a copy of a zone that is maintained on the primary server for the zone. Secondary zones help provide load balancing and fault tolerance for DNS zones.
  • A stub zone source only for information about the authoritative name servers for this zone because it contains only pointers to other DNS servers that are authoritative for the zone.

Adding a forward lookup zone:

To open DNS Manager, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click DNS:


Right-click a DNS server or Forward Lookup Zones, and then click New Zone to open the New Zone Wizard:


Click Next:


In this case we will create Primary zone:


Select how you want zone data  replicate and click Next:


Type Zone name and click next:


From the Dynamic Update dialog box select one of the radial button options or accept the default of “Allow only secure dynamic updates (recommended for Active Directory)” and click Next :


Click Finish to complete:


As shown zone created:


If you want to create records right-click on zone and select record which you want to create: