Configure Exchange Server 2013 Certificate

Today we will look at how to configure certificate when we upgrade exchange server 2010 to 2013.

We have to way to configure certificate:

1st we can Request and Configure Exchange Server 2013 Certificate

2nd we can Export certificate from Exchange 2010 and then import to Exchange 2013 server.

Today we will use 2nd option.

  1. Log in to Exchange 2010 server and open up EMC and go to Server Configuration and select one of CAS server active certificate and click Export Exchange certificate…


2. Browse place to export that and type password to protect the private key, click Export:


3. Click Finish:


4. Now go to EAC on exchange 2013 and import certificate:


5. Type the path for certificate and password and click Next:


6. Select CAS server which you want to apply this certificate and click Finish:


Certificate successfully imported:


7. The last thing we need to do is assign services to the imported certificate. We need to that all CAS servers. Select the required server and assign service as shown below:


8. Click Yes overwrite the existing default certificate:



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