Add VMware ESX host to Symantec Backup Exec and backup to Tape and Storage

Today we will Add VMware ESX host to Symantec Backup Exec and backup to Tape and same time backup to Storage. To do this follow steps below:

  1. Open Symantec backup Exec 15 software and click “Add” on the top:


2. Click “VMware vCenter server or ESX host” :


3. Write your Ip address and click next:


4. Add your login account and click next :


5backupvmware 6backupvmware

5. Select VM which you want to install the Backup agent and click next:

7backupvmware 8backupvmware 9backupvmware

6. After all steps click finish:

10backupvmware 11backupvmware

7. once all completed you will see ESX host on the Symantec Backup Exec:


8. Now we will backup ESX host to tape . So choose ESX host and right click on it and choose “backup-> Backup to tape” or  Click “Backup” on the top menu and choose  “Backup to tape”:

13backupvmware 14backupvmware

9.  Click “Edit” to select vm which you want to backup:

15backupvmware 16backupvmware

10. After Select VMs click “Edit” to open “Backup Options” for Schedule backup:


11. Once all done click ok and you will see that backup scheduled:


You can double click on server and see Jobs information about Full and incremental:

20backupvmware 21backupvmware

12. Now we can backup to Disk:

22backupvmwaredis 23backupvmwaredis 24backupvmwaredis 24zbackupvmwaredis

Once all done you can see all jobs about backup to tape and Disk storage: