Google will track the faces of users

333w3gferg_300Google has patented an algorithm of recognizing the facial expression of the user after receiving their search results. On Tuesday, April 19, writes The Next Web.

As planned by engineers, the program needs to use the front camera and the sensors of the mobile device to measure body temperature and heart rate of the user, as well as to fix expansion of his pupils, redness of the face, twitching and blinking.

The results of this expression analysis, the company plans to determine the degree of user satisfaction and SERPs and on this basis to adjust their efforts on mobile gadgets.

7 December 2015, the Russian company N-Tech.Lab won Google at the world championship of facial recognition MegaFace The Benchmark. The domestic production program has been recognized by experts as most effective for databases with capacities ranging from one million photographs. The accuracy of the algorithm amounted to 73.3%.