BIG-i robot butler understands voice commands


Now here is a robot that is far less cuddly than Big Hero 6, but at least it is real and does not remain in the realm of fiction. The BIG-i robot butler might resemble the form factor of a trash can, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be a whole lot more helpful compared to a regular bin for rubbish.

The BIG-i robot butler is capable of understanding voice commands, recognize faces as well as interact with your smart devices. It will run on a special operating system that was designed by the company NXROBO, where you can then proceed to educate BIG-i to perform various tasks, depending on the voice command issued as well as visual cues provided.

For instance, the voice command “If you see Tommy grabbing the fruit, remind him to wash his hands.” sounds rather complicated for a robot to understand, but not for the BIG-i. In this case, whenever BIG-i catches Tommy via its face-recognizing camera as grabbing some fruit, it will speak to Tommy with a reminder to maintain a semblance of hygiene – that is, washing his hands.

The BIG-i is also ‘loyal’ in a sense that it will be able to recognize your voice and your voice only, which means that other people will be treated as strangers, and hence, will not obey their commands.